land expropriation without compensation

Julius Malema says farmers do not have to leave, as their land will not be "taken from them".
"South Africa is the most food-secure country on the African continent mainly because of investment."
"The problem is clearly not only how to get the land – it's also a question of who should get it, and what for?"
Expert warns that a decision to expropriate land without compensation may not work out the way government intends it to.
The legislative framework behind land expropriation explained.
The EFF leader's impassioned rhetoric has secured a constitutional review committee review of section 25 with an eye to expropriation without compensation.
Will land expropriation without compensation address the injustices of the past or will it undermine the capital base of the agricultural sector?
"This is a collective task. It is not the task of the ANC alone," said Ramaphosa on Tuesday.
Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor responded to most speakers on Monday in Parliament.
There is nothing to suggest that any move to open the way for expropriation without compensation will be limited to land.