land grabs

Land grabs may have hogged the headlines lately, but in reality, the landless and the state have been at war for years.
The EFF has already taken responsibility for land grabs in Gauteng.
The mineral resources minister was addressing the land reform dialogue in Johannesburg on Tuesday.
The EFF says the only way to stem the tide of illegal land occupation is to ensure that land is expropriated without compensation.
A few weeks ago I swapped my usual stomping ground of Oxford for a similarly beautiful location, Brussels. I was fortunate enough to be taken as part of a collective of NGOs and charities to the European Union; a life changing experience in itself. We went there to talk about something else that is life changing for entirely differently reasons; land grabs.
In India, a country heavily influenced by deep-rooted beliefs of social hierarchy, there's an incredibly strong country-wide movement lobbying to gain land rights for poor, vulnerable, and socially excluded communities such as dalits and tribals, seeking action from the government to make rights and opportunities fair.
Every six days land the size of London is bought and sold - often by people who have never even visited it, sometimes in an online click-and-buy. Some of those who take over the land will grow crops - often for biofuels rather than for food and, when for food, often for export rather than for locals.
First they killed Omairi's daughter. The paramilitaries meant to kill her husband, a journalist who was exposing corruption in Colombia, South America. They bungled the assassination and he survived, but their daughter died.
European banks and financial institutions are supporting damaging speculation in agricultural commodity markets and financing