land redistribution

Agricultural progress should be promoting an inclusive, nonracial society – but choosing the most effective beneficiaries of land reform is crucial.
"I am almost 60 years old now," he says, "and I have been struggling on this piece of land for almost 20 years. But I will not stop pursuing the dream of farming."
"South Africa is the most food-secure country on the African continent mainly because of investment."
We all need to contribute to a future in which land, skills and community needs, as well as food security, will meet and prosper.
In our contemporary setting, curbing rights to property will more likely deepen rather than alleviate poverty.
Here are some of the reactions on Twitter with some optimistic by the prospect, while others are comparing the ANC to the EFF.
The ANC will draft constitutional amendments to expropriate land
The policy aims to bring restoration of the social capital and beauty of ubuntu.
Heated exchanges over the land question have laid bare divisions in the ruling party.
In addition to land ownership, we must talk about a host of economic injustices that colonialism and apartheid dealt blacks and coloureds in South Africa.
Land was effectively stolen from the African natives by the European colonialists. Thus, the logical thing to do is to redistribute what was once stolen.
Ideologically-based policy-making and misconceptions about farming are 'slowing the momentum' of transformation, say Free State agriculture representatives.