land reform

City Press editor Mondli Makhanya believes Zulu King Goodwill Zwelethini is stoking fires with his talk of 'charting a new course for Zulus'.
Zwelithini said it was painful to be 'led by thieves and hypocrites who pretend to love their voters, but instead stab them in the back'. has confirmed that the DA's Gwen Ngwenya's claim that the budget allocated to VIP and security mirrors that of land reform is indeed correct.
The Zulu king is calling on his subjects to increase their donations towards his fund to fight any changes to the Ingonyama Trust in court.
'We need land to build our homes, develop sports grounds and local industrial sites to uplift the township's economy through business,' Constitutional Review Committee hears.
Post-1994 development has hardly shifted away from apartheid-era patterns of land use.
The DA has come in for sharp criticism of late, but the party's leader believes voters will not abandon it and that it remains on the right track.
"We are led by dumb people… They cannot think. They think of their family and their stomach."
AgriSA represents 28,000 commercial farmers. It believes the reason land reform has failed is not because of inadequate legislation.
Representing 28,000 farmers, if any organisation can claim to represent the bulk of organised agriculture, it's AgriSA.