King Goodwill Zwelithini and Cyril Ramaphosa have kissed and made up, with the monarch now assured that land belonging to tribal authorities will not be expropriated.
King Zwelithini is the sole trustee.
In both Northern Cape and Limpopo, the Constitutional Review Committee heard that people support land expropriation without compensation — and if necessary, a constitutional amendment.
AgriSA found that farm murder rates have decreased to the lowest in 20 years. This challenges statements from AfriForum and Die Suidlanders suggesting farm murders are on the rise. According to News24, AgriSA's figures — which were based on police statistics, research and media reports — there has, however, been a slight increase in farm attacks. They increased from 478 in 2016/2017 to 561 in 2017/2018. HuffPost took a deep dive into the lives of farmers and farm workers from two farms who feel their safety in farms is still under threat despite the shift in statistics.
A group from Lesotho, which calls itself the 'Basotho Petitioners', has petitioned Britain's Queen Elizabeth to demand the return to land in South Africa.
"Instead of giving community members permission to occupy, give him a title deed," Mabuza said.
Julius Malema has said he is not calling for whites to be killed... 'for now'. It's not the first time he has uttered threats by pretending to disavow them.
He cannot 'guarantee' what will happen in the future, the EFF leader said in a recent interview.
The deputy president says a new Bill is designed to ensure that communities own communal land they live on.
ANC NEC member Ronald Lamola explains the importance of land expropriation and how it will benefit people.