As the cost of student property continues to soar against the backdrop of increasing tuition fees and curbs on government allowances, financial burdens on students will only intensify. Whether this is an inevitability, or subject to change, lays firmly within the hands of universities and the government in the coming years.
The student housing market is in crisis. Poor quality and overpriced accommodation is putting a strain on students pockets
When I first read the article about Fergus Wilson, the buy to let tycoon who has banned coloured people from renting his
Official figures show homelessness is rising. Against a backdrop of low unemployment yet slowing wage growth, there has been a 10% rise in the number of homeless households in England.
It would be stating the blindingly obvious to say that London has a housing crisis. But before you flip to the next article, ponder this: in a city with a chronic housing shortage, how can there be so many empty flats owned by overseas investors, and our own London borough councils?
Recently at my surgery I met a distressed young woman who came to see me with her mother. Repairs are outstanding on their rented property. The landlord is refusing to sort them out while at the same time putting pressure on them to leave their flat. She didn't know where to go or what to do. This is a familiar story and it is no exaggeration to say that we have a national emergency in housing.
When faced with the housing crisis we have, it is always tempting to start banning stuff. The list of targets is long: off-plan property sales, foreign ownership, empty homes, buy to let. But banning stuff outright is rarely straightforward and can have unintended consequences. Letting fees are one of the exceptions.
Dear Caroline Ansell I haven't had a working shower for a week. I know this may seem like pretty small beer. You have bigger
Earlier this week, E4 broadcast an interesting programme called "How to Live the Chelsea Life," about an exclusive, high-end house sharing company, which prides itself on only renting to aspirational, young, sociable people. And by interesting, I mean it made me want to pour sulphuric acid directly into my retinas.
Since the Budget in July - where the Chancellor proposed to restrict mortgage interest relief for individual residential