Dear Sir or Madam, Please accept this weary letter of resignation from a lowly student who doesn't know his place in the
A quarter of UK landlords won't rent to people with a 'foreign' sounding name or accent, a report has found, prompting calls
More than 125,000 people privately renting homes in England have suffered abusive behaviour from landlords in the last year
The young didn't come out of Wednesday's Budget well. George Osborne cut housing benefit, scrapped university maintenance grants and restricted the new higher minimum wage to the over-25s. But amid the gloom, the Chancellor struck a blow for the younger generation: cutting tax relief for landlords.
Avid readers of the property pages will be aware that letting agents' fees are once again in the press - for all the wrong reasons - following the decision by a landlord to take a certain London based agency to court over their propensity to levy charges.
When the subletting legislature makes its way to parliament, the Chancellor must take care to ensure that tenants remain safe, landlords hold less liability for subtenants, and the housing supply isn't diminished by mass rent-to-rent schemes.
Finding student accommodation can be a very daunting prospect, especially when you’re a first timer and housing horror stories
The property market needs investor activity and any initiatives that make a difference should be welcomed. The only sting in the ointment is the number of properties coming to the market. Is there going to be enough to go around?
It is estimated that 85 percent of UK immigrants rent properties in the private sector. In light of the UK's housing crisis, the government is keen to reduce the number of illegal immigrants taking up private accommodation. As a result, the recently-implemented Immigration Act 2014 now requires certain landlords of residential properties to check the immigration status of their tenants to ensure they have leave to remain in the UK.
Homes in the private rented sector in England are worse than in any other, with a third of properties failing to meet basic standards and a sixth of renters, or 1.2 million adults, reporting problems with electricity in the last year...