Erosion along the coastline caused a landslide that utterly destroyed this seaside cemetery in northern Italy.
Hundreds of people have been left homeless as floods and landslides sweep the south-east of the country.
A yellow weather warning is in place until Wednesday night as rain causes flooding and landslides in Scottish Highlands.
Hundreds of train passengers were also left stranded by a landslide in Northamptonshire.
The victims died mostly in landslides and houses that got hit by the storm's fierce winds and rain.
High population density and it's low-lying landscape make Bangladesh highly vulnerable.
"Rescue operations are being hampered by bad weather while authorities are still struggling to reach some remote areas."
A large landslide caused 30 tonnes of cliff face to fall onto a beach this afternoon. Emergency services rushed to the beach
Rescuers searching for a woman who was trapped under a landslide at her property in Looe, Cornwall have found a body in the
Emergency teams searching a partially collapsed property for a missing woman have said they believe a body is inside. Specialist