lars von trier nymphomaniac

Back in the 18th Century, spurred on by the term she'd inspired, the nymph had found fame. In 1784, Joshua Reynolds, the president of the Royal Academy, painted the provocative A Nymph and Cupid. Its reproductions sold widely - particularly to women...
'Nymphomaniac' is the latest film to come under the microscope, as much for its in-your-face sex scenes as for the chilling
'Nymphomaniac' will undoubtedly be compared to McQueen's 'Shame', and sadly to the forthcoming '50 Shades of Grey', but the subtle difference here is the complete lack of glamour compared to the gluttonous lifestyle that shroud's both Fassbender's Brandon, and inevitably Dornan's Christian Grey.
Director Lars Von Trier and Disney do not go together. Ever. Parents were left scrambling to cover their children's eyes