Outside of the identified near miss situations, the Civil Aviation Authority and the regional Police forces in the UK have been receiving increasing numbers of drone related complaints.
A British Airways plane was targeted by a laser beam as it approached London Heathrow Airport on Monday evening, police have
Seeing superheroes like Iron Man and Batman in action can result in extreme jealousy. By harnessing technology that's just
A scientist in Israel has developed a handheld laser which he believes could bring about the end of using stitches or glue
Lockheed Martin has just successfully tested the latest of its new lasers, the Advanced Test High Energy Asset (ATHENA), to
As 'creative' acts of science go, it's pretty hard to beat. Scientists have imitated the first 'spark' of life using a powerful
YouTube channel Smarter Every Day initially brought us the fascinatingly disgusting slow-motion video of getting a tattoo
There are two very bad things that can happen if you fire a powerful laser pointer at a police helicopter. Either the laser
It's the 21st century. And yet we only seem to use lasers for dentistry and hair removal. Why don't we have laser force fields
Boeing has spent the last 10 years working on a giant laser cannon for the U.S. Army. Well now the company has confirmed