lauren goodger weight loss

It looks like Lauren Goodger couldn't WAIT to show off her new enhanced boobs - so much so that she wore this rather bizarre
Lauren Goodger has had a well documented battle with her weight, but it looks like she's finally found the thing that works
Lauren Goodger has opened up about how her new man and TOWIE co-star Tom Pearce, has helped her to get over her ex Mark Wright
For someone who bangs on about her own body issues so much, Lauren Goodger sure does love to flash the flesh - and she was
There are two sorts of Lauren Goodger pictures that land on our desks - the ones where she is looking particularly skinny
Jodie Marsh had better watch out, it looks as if she's about to have a bit of competition on the bodybuilding front. Lauren
The star has been on a strict weight-loss management programme since her holiday to Miami earlier this year. After seeing
After Lauren Goodger got all upset about her body in her holiday snaps from Miami, she put herself on a strict regime to
Lauren Goodger has long been our favourite TOWIE lady and not just because we like seeing/laughing at pictures of her looking
If this is Lauren Goodger staying sober, we'd hate to see what she looks like when she's had a few too many. Earlier this
Wow! When Lauren Goodger said she was going to do something about her weight, she really meant it. The TOWIE star looked