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I have fallen in love with Rose McGowan because she is unapologetically angry. Her seething tweets calling out what she considers lies and hypocrisy - and bad taste 'jokes' - just make me want to extend my arm through the Twitter stratosphere and high five her daily for the rest of our lives.
Campaigner says discrediting centre-left is no way to beat the right.
The hard-left is on a new mission to paint UK centrists as terrorist sympathisers in the wake of the Charlottesville violence
Teacher called 'racist' after clash with Laurie Penny over English being spoken in the playground.
The show was marked by repeated criticism from the audience who were angry about an apparent delay to triggering Article
Left-wing writer Laurie Penny has warned the UK is losing it’s status as a “tolerant, compassionate” country following the
A presumably smarting Hopkins then took the step of blocking Monroe entirely – prompting the chef to remark: “God isn’t it
My mum seemed to embody what I believed to be the stereotypically oppressed woman. In my youthful naivety, I assumed that nine to five employment was the sole source of female empowerment and that my mum had therefore abandoned any claim to feminism. I told her all this, of course, and she proceeded to correct my assumptions.
In recent days the niqab - a facial veil worn by some Muslim women - has once again become the subject of intense media attention. The latest reincarnation of this issue began several weeks ago when a Muslim defendant refused to remove the headwear standing trial at Blackfriars Crown Court...