Law degree

University Law admissions officers seek out individuals who can ultimately prove a strong and uniquely pursued interest in law: personal initiative in obtaining legal experience; and a strong academic foundation suited to an LLB Law syllabus. These qualities will separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to comparing Law school applications of similar base academic achievement.
Be warned. If you're considering a legal career, make sure you've thought it through carefully... Today, law firms and chambers are expecting more from potential trainees and pupils than ever before. Before embarking on this major journey, start to think about what it is you really want to do and what will make you happy.
Ethnic minority students are being "forced into medicine and law", according to the government's fair access tsar - but how
Is it chutzpah - simple youthful exuberance, or misguided arrogance? It's certainly entertaining. A 19 year-old girl, predicted to get an A* in each of her three A Levels, has written to Magdalen College, Oxford, to tell them that, after attending an interview, she would rather study law somewhere else.
My social life has taken something of a hit, and I don't watch many films or much TV these days just to stay on top of all the homework, CAB homework and general legal reading. But that is the reality of enrolling on the GDL.