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I do not wish to underplay the difficulties of having a family and holding down an hours-driven, high pressure job. However, there are women who are doing it - and finding it fulfilling and rewarding. That needs to become the new truth, the new rhetoric.
I recently gave the keynote speech at the Women in the City Awards Lunch, an amazing event celebrating the incredible achievements
Last night I received a direct message on twitter from a follower. It suggested I might want to know about a photo of me that was circulating the net. As a long time twitter user I have seen this before, and far from me getting excited or worried, I just pressed the delete button and emailed the follower to let them know their account had been hacked.
Perhaps the biggest shift that any organisation needs to make when it comes to getting to grips with the new Google is the shift in attitude. It is no longer a case of trying to 'trick' or 'manipulate' search engines with clever SEO techniques.