law of attraction

Learning how to heal the pain of the past and how to genuinely love and approve of yourself can be life transforming. There is enough love, joy, beauty and money on this planet for everyone! Just be consciously aware of it.
Daily rituals are where the power resides in a step-by-step process to get you to where you want to be. After all, you can plan for the future, but you can only take charge of the present moment. So take positive steps today towards your desired outcome and know that you will have everything you need in each moment that follows.
In this fast-paced, over-technicalised world meditation is my little oasis in the day where I can release any stress. Stress is debilitating as it inhibits the free flow of energy and information throughout the body. The more stress is accumulated the less efficient are our bodies and minds.
What if there is an underlying message that Walt Disney was trying to get across... No matter how hard life might seem, with a strong enough belief or 'wish' life's hurdles (the baddies) can be overcome to achieve your ultimate goal.
Take your focus off attracting the bad stuff and focus with gratitude on what you have already received... visualize yourself having more of what you want... abundance really is a mindset. True abundance is a combination of health, happiness, love and prosperity.
Manifestation is supposed to be effortless but we often get in the way of our own innate power to create. If we can train our minds to expect miracles then our experiences will radically change for the better. We just have to bust that resistance!
When I was first given the book The Secret as a gift early last year, I experienced the same doubt. But after finishing the book and further reading and research into gratitude and the law of attraction, I can honestly say my life has changed for the better.
If we centre ourselves in the present moment we become present and are not distracted by our mind chatter. This is where meditation can centre our mind and we are then able to access our deeper self, help fill our grid-in and we can become more alive and awake, ready to seize the day
Photo by Jane Fuller 'If you know what you want - if you can state it, the universe will move in your direction." - Goethe
Releasing resistance is key if you want to attract all that you desire. So put your intention and focus on a fantastic outcome because all possibilities exist in the Quantum field and what you perceive is what will show up for you.