A report published in the journal Science in 2015 estimates that about eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in global
New revenge porn laws have come into effect meaning those who share private, sexual images of someone without consent, and
When a sick or disabled person commits suicide, the rules change. There is an unspoken assumption they had a valid reason to do so with people remarking they are probably better off now.
When the Home Secretary said "British values will prevail in the end" against extremism, if she's talking about freedom of speech, then she's certainly missed a trick. The fact that surfaces with the revelation of these measures under the banner of "British Values" is in reality a demonization of a single community - a community just like any other.
It is astonishing to think how far LGBT rights have moved in this country. Just 47 years ago - homosexual relationships in the UK could end in imprisonment or a life of psychiatric care. This was a reality - with many such as Alan Turing choosing to sadly take their lives rather than live in fear of persecution. Since then we have slowly but surely seen a change...
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released last Friday the most comprehensive ever study on global warming. The landmark report, prepared by more than 200 scientists over two years, concludes that global temperatures could rise by up to 4.8 Celsius (8.6 Fahrenheit) by the end of this century compared to pre-industrial levels, but could potentially still be held to 0.3 C (0.5 F) with deep, speedy cuts in emissions.
Judges and couples should be told what they are aiming to achieve with any financial settlement after a divorce, the body
A law banning "insulting" language and behaviour is strangling free speech and should be scrapped,a senior Tory MP has demanded
So in a specific borough of New Jersey, it's a finable offence to walk while you text. This means you can't be playing Words
Abraxus is a three-story "coffeeshop" located in Amsterdam's De Wallen red light district. On a recent Saturday afternoon