Layla Anna-Lee

We are looking at the Paralympics as a harder task. A bigger battle. A fight to win respect, unification and Gold. The Olympics truly were just a warm up.
The London 2012 Olympic games have been a huge success, something Great Britian can remain forever proud of, and for those of you who are panicking about what on earth to do with our time now that the Olympics are over? Don't panic, the Paralympics are coming!
With the Bradley Wiggins affect we are truly proving ourselves to be the greatest nation of cyclists. But will it continue? Will the grass roots of talent and cycling enthusiasts be nurtured and will city cycling continue to be promoted?
Let's hope once the Olympics are over our media don't fall back into flooding us with fashion's thinnest. Our athletes are the perfect inspiration.
I feel so honoured to be part of the London 2012 Olympic Games and to have been chosen by Mr Danny Boyle to voice the ceremonies. However it wasn't without jumping through a few hoops... let's say five of them... that were on fire!
Hearing the words, "The Queen will pass this room in five minutes, I'm going to have to block your door and not let you out for a short period, if you need the loo could you go now please?" was rather surreal. Almost as surreal as hearing, "The Queen left half a bottle of gin, anyone want some?"
Layla Anna-Lee, the host of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee party in Trafalgar Square, has revealed she is the announcer at London