Leaders of the Conservative Party

Tory anger over Boris Johnson reignited today as one MP told him to “keep his bloody mouth shut” and Scottish leader Ruth
The Five Things You Need To Know About Politics Today.
1. UNCONDITIONAL SHOVE What a difference a few months and a botched election makes. In January, a super-confident Theresa
The Five Things You Need To Know About Politics Today.
1. SKILL SET It’s the first PMQs for months and Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May have more than enough to get their teeth into
Backbencher criticises 'cautious' election campaign and takes swipe at George Osborne.
Jacob Rees-Mogg has refused to rule out one day running to become leader of the Conservative Party. Speaking to Tory activists
Frances O'Grady claimed the Government had given in to 'business lobbying'.
Theresa May has “bottled it” when it comes to serious reform of company board rooms, trade union chief Frances O’Grady claimed
A former Tory minister is threatening to quit the party in protest at the Government’s Brexit plans, as she attacked Theresa
Former Tory leader warns against 'shooting your foot off'.
William Hague has warned Theresa May she needs to adopt a “liberal approach” to immigration after Brexit. The former Conservative
Prime minister forced to tell Cabinet to behave.
Theresa May was mocked as a “interim prime minister” today as Labour MPs hammered her for losing her majority at the election
'Small but significant' change in Tory targets could help the Left.
Jeremy Corbyn’s drive to get more Labour members involved in the selection of Parliamentary candidates has been given a major
But London Mayor unhappy 'commissioners' not ordered in.
Kensington and Chelsea council is to have key services taken over by a specialist “taskforce” following its heavily criticised