leap year

These five women have no time for the tired tradition ‘allowing’ them to propose on a leap year.
Happy Leap Year! People around the world are celebrating today's leap day as an extra day in the year - or another day at
Parents have a big decision to make about babies born on 29 February: What day should you celebrate their birthday on in
Ladies! In case you hadn't noticed, it's 29 February. Leap Year Day. Which is not only the day on which we try to erase the
Today marks a leap year; it's the only day women are allowed to propose and, according to centuries-old tradition, their potential husbands aren't allowed to say no. This sentence is all kinds of cringe.
According to a recent survey, almost half of British men would say yes if their other half proposed to them. Which is a relief
So, what will you do on 29 February? Radio 4 are asking listeners to come up with something a little special to do on the day that happens only once every four years.