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What's next for Ilsley? Along with continuing to create custom leather jackets (email her to commission yours), she'll be
"I started Francis Leon because I wanted to create the ultimate wardrobe staple - the perfect leather jacket," says label founder Jo Turner. "Now I'm using the leather jacket and the material in general as the focus and foundation of a luxury lifestyle brand."
I've a little confession to make... I am in love with jackets. There I said it. No going back now. Having just counted 35 in my wardrobe I thought I'd get rid of a few, you know, make a bit of room.
For as long as I can remember I have always looked on at the leather jacket in an awe-inspiring kind of way, it was a coat to be looked up to, respected and to be honest SO not anything I could wear, I simply wasn't cool enough.
Jennifer Aniston is quite possibly the most generous woman on the planet - we've heard that the actress spent $12,000 on