Leave Means Leave

The ban was thought to have been sparked by an investigation into Nigel Farage last week.
People on both sides of the Brexit debate have marched to make their opinions clear to the Government. We went to hear what they had to say.
"It would be quite wrong that we should be trapped in the EU but with no say."
We have days to see the UK free of the EU shackles and become a free market, true to our destiny. This could well be the most important moment in our history.
Ex-Ukip leader sounds the alarm as reports emerge Theresa May allies are meeting with Labour MPs.
The PM claims to be acting for the good of the country - but her deal keeps us so locked into the EU that people will be glad to re-enter
Now is the time to end uncertainty and the tools to do this lie in the hands of the Conservative Party, but they must act now or face electoral oblivion
The 'Chequers' deal would leave the UK a vassal state of the EU - a fully liberated Britain would find its rightful place on the world stage
She remains listed as a supporter of the group that branded May’s Chequers plan a 'massive fraud'.
Leave Means Leave also has just one non-white official backer.