leaving the EU

29th March 2017 is a dark day and I believe those that brought it about will not be remembered kindly by history, regardless what happens next. For as long as we are still in the EU, millions of us will continue to voice our opinion and to fight for the UK to remain in the EU. And if we do leave, we will campaign to re-join.
Whether or not we like it, the UK literally cannot afford for the euro to go down the pan. And that is what this summit is about. Even if Cameron is sincere in his rhetoric about recalling powers from Brussels, the question is how much negotiating power he has right now.
The euro will not fail. It won't be allowed to fail. Sure, some of the fiscal basketcases on the continental periphery have some tough years ahead - so do we - but that is because, like us, they borrowed in the good years as well as the lean years, leaving nothing in the bank when they needed it most.