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As Israel Apartheid week draws to a close, many Jewish students will breathe a sigh of relief as they sit down for Friday
The struggle is finally over for LUU Exec candidate, Jack Palmer's campaign banner after it was returned by hostage takers demanding tickets to the Leeds University Union club night, Fruity. The demands were set out a week ago from the anonymous students, with a ransom demand of several Fruity tickets after stealing the banner for warmth from the freezing Leeds early morning conditions.
Shearing layers sound, text and image. His pieces have no live performers; instead the work is designed to encourage audience members to engage deeply with the scenographic elements.
Distraught friends are mourning a Leeds University student who is believed to have been on board flight MH17 which was shot
The University of Leeds combines impressive Russell Group credentials with a vast array of locations to drink, party and
Every candidate in a leadership race should have the right to a fair and democratic process in which the only criticism received is aimed at their policies. Some of us may have secured the jobs of our dreams, but it does not excuse the behaviour we had to endure to get there...
Award-winning student paper the Leeds Student is fighting for survival following funding cuts which mean it can no longer
A student has taken the controversial Neknominate craze to the next level - by completing his challenge in the middle of
A fashion design student has beaten applicants from around the world to win the first ever competition to design a VEGAN
Students took to the streets of Leeds on Thursday to protest against an events promoter which used a pro-rape video to advertise