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There are many weird and wonderful societies in studentville but some are more bizarre than others. From the rock paper scissors
When I realised I was gay, it was a scary and isolating experience. I felt like I couldn't tell my friends through fear of rejection and that no one understood me, but I found that one person who I could trust with anything and told them. It was one of the best things I ever did.
For the past few weeks university students have been working to develop a video for the "It Gets Better Project", in order
Leeds students have become the first to launch a university paper as an iPad app. Despite setting a precedent for all other
A man is being questioned on suspicion of supplying drugs after an 18-year-old student was found dead in his halls of residence
Leeds University has been plagued with another spate of attacks on students, after the city witnessed a "night of terror
Animal Research, inside and outside of academia, has clearly played an essential role in medical advances. This fact is persistently overlooked in the emotive and overblown claims,and reports from groups such as the BUAV and Animal Aid.
Police are hunting a gang of masked muggers that they believe are responsible for a spate of brutal attacks on students, reports