legal aid bill

The Legal aid Bill gave the coalition government the most defeats of any bill in parliament for the last sixty years. In the end government only won by one vote in the house of Lords. A vote they would not have had if Lord Newton was still around to vote.
Everyone should have the ability to understand and to access the law. The legal system of England and Wales takes pride in the quality of its judiciary and seeks to ensure that everyone is equal before the courts.
The government has been defeated a further two times on its Legal Aid Bill in the House of Lords - bringing the number of
The truth is if the Legal Aid Bill is passed we the taxpayer will be left with millions of knock-on costs. This is something Ken Clarke and co. are desperate to keep away from peers and the public.
Ken Clarke, the justice secretary, has published proposals to give divorced and separated fathers stronger rights to see their children as part of an overhaul of the family justice system.
The prime minister said in a speech last Thursday, that the Conservatives have always believed in social responsibility. He spoke of ushering in a new age, in which morals would govern markets, and transparency and accountability would permeate every aspect of trade, business and commerce.
After today there are six further days in committee and then four days of report stage, where we are likely to see key votes take place. Is it too much to hope the government comes to its senses?
People who feel threatened in their own homes will no longer have to flee and can stay to defend both themselves and their
If the Coalition wants to win back women voters, they must ditch the disastrous domestic violence provisions in their Legal Aid Bill.