Legal rights

It is steadily becoming the social norm for the current generation of men and women to want to be economically stable and secure before deciding to settle down and start a family. Their bodies however may not be keeping pace with these social changes and their biological clock may have timed out.
That I'm happy that there is a degree more equality since the end of March, and that I fully support gay marriage, doesn't mean though, that I endorse it. Were I ever to choose to publicly validate my love, I wouldn't choose marriage as the institution in which to do so.
Currently, cohabitation agreements offer some protection but around half of the population still believe in the myth of a common law marriage (It has, in fact, never existed in England). With cohabiting couples the fastest growing demographic, awareness of this issue is vitally important.
It seems that not a day passes where stories of domestic violence, rape, abuse, and grooming do not hit our headlines. Last
Children will be given legal rights to see both their mother and their father in a shake-up of the family justice system