Arguably the greatest player in recent PSL football history.
Tom Hardy's Oscar nomination for 'The Revenant' caps a veritable purple patch for an actor whose fanbase grows ever larger
I am finding it increasingly difficult to understand a word my children say. I feel I am probably not alone in this and so here it is - my guide to navigating the minefield of conversation with your children.
Tom Hardy was left perplexed at a recent press conference, to promote his latest film, ‘Legend’, when he was asked a question
What do you do when your film has been given the thumbs up from critics across the board, except for one two-star review
Tom Hardy will be giving his many fans a double treat with the release of 'Legend', which sees him taking on both Kray twins
Tom Hardy is seen beating himself up in the first full trailer for new Kray twins biopic ‘Legend’. SEE ALSO: Tom Hardy's
Tom Hardy’s been on our radars for quite some time, and the London-born star has won plenty of fans in recent years, thanks
He's sold over 50million records and counting and transcends geographical boundaries and age barriers. He is the Michael Jordan of R&B. But don't take my word for it. Check out the facts...
Now approaching his 70th birthday, Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone is heading to Britain for an exclusive "Evening With" event, taking place on Saturday January 11th at the iconic London Palladium. Stallone is a true heavyweight of the silver screen - but what are his top six films..?