Leicestershire Constabulary

Late last year, a new campaign from Leicestershire Police entitled ‘All is Not Lost’ implored of rape victims, “Please, help
'We have seen what happens when radicalisation is allowed to fester.'
The number of potential extremists flagged up by members of the public has doubled since Britain was hit by a flurry of terror
Just 7% of stolen good were recovered from £2 billion of valuables taken.
Nine out of 10 burglaries are left unsolved in the UK, an investigation has found. Just 7% of stolen goods were recovered
More than 5 million people have watched 'Kayleigh's Love Story'.
Dozens of children have come forward with reports that they are being groomed online after watching a video based on the
The 15-year-old was killed just two weeks after meeting a man on Facebook.
Police have released a harrowing video based on the grooming, rape and murder of 15-year-old Kayleigh Haywood, warning young