Leighton Meester

Adam Brody and Ben McKenzie, a.k.a Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood from The O.C, both have baby news to share. Brody's wife Leighton
Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester and teenage hearthrob from the OC, Adam Brody are expecting their first child together
Those characters from 'Gossip Girl' might not like us to mention it, but they weren't always perfect! Through six series
Time was, you could count the number of stylish television characters on one hand. Perhaps Mischa and Rachel on The OC; Rachel from Friends (at a push; no one has forgotten the mistakes the 1990s made on her behalf); anyone in a school uniform on Home & Away.
Public opinions differ on the CW show 'Gossip Girl'. Whether you love it, loathe it, or have never watched it, I find a certain stylish attachment to the show that seems impossible to shake off. 'Who wouldn't want a closet like Blair Waldorf's?'
Honestly, some celebs just don't know the meaning of less is more when it comes to applying their make-up - usually with
Seriously, if you clicked this you are going to get Gossip Girl spoilers. This is your final warning...
*That* royal wedding may have been and gone but Gossip Girl fans have another royal wedding to look forward to - that of
Looks like the new season of Gossip Girl is set to be as wonderfully dramatic as ever (did we really expect anything less
Leighton Meester opted for a white layered tunic dress by Alexander McQueen at the Toronto International Film Festival.