Lemmy Kilmister

Someone I've interviewed since - Lemmy I think, but maybe Ian Hunter - told me that the music you get into when you're 14 is the music that stays with you forever, that nothing will ever sound as good as those songs. At 14 I was in a world created by David Bowie.
The start of 2016 was a busy one, sadly it was one filled with mourning. Fresh out of a December that was rocked by Motorhead metal-god Lemmy's death, we were all faced with another disastrous affair that no-one really expected - the death of rock legend and musical chameleon David Bowie.
Rock's biggest names lined up to pay tribute to Motorhead frontman Lemmy at a star-studded Hollywood funeral. A tearful Dave
Words don't come easy, especially when you know Lemmy would have laughed at us all trying to say dignified things about him being a hero. Any time I attempted to say anything complimentary to Lemmy to his face, he would fix me with a kind of amused, contemptuous stare. But a kind of hero he certainly was. Unique in just about every way imaginable. He was a living mismatch of personality types. His music was roaring, abrasive, uncompromising, and his lyrics mostly deliberately gave no hint of sensitivity. Yet as a person he was a pacifist, a deep thinker...
Motorhead continued to play to packed audiences, such as this scene from Wembley Arena in 2014 The rock music world reacted