Len Mccluskey

The Unite leader reveals even many of his own members are undecided on who to vote for. Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn's leadership are "very real issues" in party heartlands, he says.
Powerful Unite union boss fires a warning shot to shadow cabinet members like Emily Thornberry and Sir Keir Starmer who want Labour to back Remain.
Unite boss is suspected to be part of a failed plot to abolish Labour deputy leader post.
Shadow chancellor told to "toe the line" after calling for the party to campaign for to stay in EU.
Sam Matthews takes aim at Unite boss Len McCluskey, as Jewish leaders question whether "fake news sites" are connected to party.
Unite boss tells deputy "you should be f***ing ashamed of yourself" as speculation mounts over confidence motion.
Labour leader "fit as a fiddle", says Unite boss, and Times journalists "should be ashamed of themselves".
Unite boss says making party pro-Remain would cost Northern and Midlands seats, urges consultation of party members and unions.
The PM met Unite boss Len McCluskey in Downing Street on Thursday.
We can’t be bounced into a bad Brexit - the idea that the only choice is between this deal or no deal is preposterous and an insult to the country