Len McLuskey

The five things you need to know on Friday, September 9, 2016… 1) GENERAL SELECTION TIME The personality split that is ‘Bold
Liz Kendall warned that Labour has 'no God-given right to exist' today as she declared she was the only leadership candidate
Here are the five things you need to know on Thursday 6 March 2014... 1) VINCE VS THE HOME OFFICE The Guardian reports on
Is Blair ready to 'do a Clinton' and make an 'elder statesman' return to domestic politics? Of course, Clinton didn't fight a hugely unpopular war which, rightly or wrongly, has affected Blair's reputation. Equally, two of Clinton's biggest successes could be regarded as two of Blair's biggest failures. Clinton balanced the budget, whereas New Labour eventually lost their fiscal prudence.
Teachers have voted for strike action over pay and working conditions, with 82.5% in favour, the National Union of Teachers
The government's decision to offer a £100bn boost to banks while failing to bailout Britain's biggest independent oil refinery
People are angry and are no longer the blind, flag-waving serfs we are expected to be by the governing elite. Contrary to Cameron, Unite's proposal to co-opt the games is patriotism personified and whether or not the strike will be executed, its proposition is something most should be getting behind. Given that sick and vulnerable patients will lie stranded in ambulances whilst a cavalcade of sponsors, dignitaries speed by in their Mercs along one of the VIP lanes, London's transport system is already pretty screwed, strike or no strike.
Nick Clegg has called on Labour leader Ed Miliband to "rein in" Len McCluskey after the union leader called for civil disobedience
One of the Labour's largest union donors is to debate its future links with the party, in the latest sign that relations
Ed Balls believes that Gordon Brown's continual claims of having eradicated the economics of boom and bust while in government