Leslie Ash

With ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ put to bed for another year, and the new series of ‘The X Factor’ now well underway, attention
Leslie Ash could be about to make her return to the small screen, with an appearance on ‘I’m A Celebrity’, following an 11
Leslie Ash has opened up about her 10-year battle against the MRSA superbug, revealing she is now off medication and is able
Is it not arguably the responsibility of public figures to make sure they're honest about their appearance? Do followers of pop stars and actors not deserve to know the looks they're 'so jeal of' (I was 16 once too you know) have come from the help of a gifted doctor, surgeon, nurse, or dentist?
'Men Behaving Badly' provided the prototype for a generation. It may have been observing real-life with its depiction of
Jack Osbourne's announcement that he has been diagnosed with a form of multiple sclerosis (MS) is the latest case of a celebrity