Let It Go

Can you communicate without nagging? Especially when someone neglects to do their bit, at home or at work? Or when there's a difference of opinion? Or when someone really irritates you? Do you quibble? Quibble is what we do when we find fault with small things, it's nit-picking unnecessary details.
US show ‘Lip Sync Battle’ has provided us with some golden moments in the last 12 months, but we think Channing Tatum may
One of the songs - The Snow and Ice Dance - was deemed by many to be suspiciously similar to Disney's Academy Award winning song. Despite the vocals being different and the lyrics being written in a different language, there are a troubling amount of similarities.
'Frozen 2' is in development. That's official. The news to delight a million children, and the rest of us, was revealed at
From thinking of getting engaged, to finding a date or working out what to do on the evening itself, this advice, inspired by Disney's 'Frozen' film, will help make your Valentine's Day a success.
There's no new page, no clean sweep over an old chapter that we can leave behind at the stroke of midnight on the 31st of December. We bring everything with us into this new year. Everything. Old happiness and love, old hurts, regrets, judgements, opinions and pain.
So you thought you were the world's biggest Frozen fan, huh? Think again my Olaf-loving friend. This little boy is so enamored
The Best In Drag Show is an annual fundraising event held at a Broadway theatre to raise money for Alliance for Housing and
From this month audiences are invited to become a part of the interactive show, joining in with all of the film's original songs, including 'Let It Go', the chart-topping song that has so far received over 500 million YouTube views!
Getting a little tired of the Oscar-winning song 'Let It Go' from 'Frozen'? You're not the only one. Yes, while some dogs