Let It Go

Typical dad. He just can't resist stealing the limelight, can he? SEE ALSO: Two Little Girls Sing 'Let It Go' Adorably, Hilariously
Screen Junkies turn their hands to the story of Elsa "a manic depressive princess" and her "adorkable" sister Anna... and
It's the Oscar-winning cinematic song of the year. But, as YouTuber Rob Manion shows in this compilation of TV and movie
Frozen looks terrific (I saw the 2D version), boasts great songs (Let It Go belted out by the peerless Idina Menzel is an instant classic), and features some witty touches.
Ordinarily, this would just be a video of a woman doing a very good cover version of a Disney song. But with the addition
And trust us - you don't need to have seen the film or know the song (though we've posted it below) to find this video a