lethal injection

"As governor, I will not oversee the execution of any individual."
David Earl Miller's last words were "beats being on death row".
'Party’s over, bastard' said the sister of one of his victims
A convicted murderer who killed a couple during a shooting rampage 13 years ago was executed on Wednesday evening. Barney
Opinion polls already show slowly diminishing US public support for the death penalty and these high-profile horrors are surely tipping the balance still further... Capital punishment is a botched experiment with justice. If you still believe in the death penalty, it's time to change your mind.
Javier Cruz: Executed Oct. 1, 1998; Age 41 Robert Black Jr: Executed May 22, 1992; Age 45 Miguel Richardson: Executed June
Execution by whatever method can't ever be free of such unintended consequences, and denying their impact on the death penalty debate merely amplifies the suffering that the original crime began.
One of the biggest justifications for the death penalty is that it supposedly acts as a deterrent against committing the most serious crimes. But let's call this argument what it really is: wishful thinking. There is simply no convincing evidence that the death penalty deters from crime more than other forms of punishments. In fact, there is evidence to the contrary.
Virginia could revive the electric chair as a method to execute prisoners, as European companies and one major distributor
It's a loose comparison, but sometimes I think that people who get executed these days are like those killed right at the end of a war. Another day, another month ... and they might survived. I say this because when you look at the figures for capital punishment around the world, you can see there's a strong trend toward abolition.
The UK is to ban the export of the drug propofol, a heavy-duty anaesthetic, which is to be used in the United States for