Letters Live

Despite all our efforts in front of that whiteboard, the running order remains fluid until showtime. We always want to make it as topical as possible. And a few star performers always surprise us by turning up at the last minute, rejigging the programme and shredding nerves. But the letters always seem to pull everyone through, those raw and inspiring tokens of humanity that never fail to show us who we really are.
I am not sure that you can help with my wish or even that I believe that you read these letters any more. Perhaps these days your correspondence goes straight to a limb of the State or to a global retail corporate who then converts a child's desire for this or that piece of merchandise into a miraculous suggestion in a hapless parent's e-basket. But hope springs eternal and so I ask whoever is reading to tweak the consciences of the powerful so as to empower the vulnerable. In 2015, let's save our Human Rights Act.
My request is that you let Mrs Claus come this year. Yes, your silent partner. But I know she's the force that keeps you full of beans. You wouldn't be so jolly, energetic and kind without the presence of a woman in your life. She must be FANTASTIC. You must love her to bits. You should come too, to share the load, but it would be an enormous inspiration for all of us to feel her awesomeness. It might give us the boost that we need... Women are standing shoulder to shoulder with men, our partners; just like I'm sure you do with Mrs Santa.
Dear Father Christmas, So my friend has asked me to write to you... I have to confess it's been hard to know what to say. Mainly because like most adults I feel preposterous asking anything of you because our time with you is surely done. Now we get our own presents, control our own fates, take responsibility for our own actions, and live in the world we have created... so it's not for us to turn around and plead for your help with the environment, the migrant crisis, the NHS, education, food banks, human rights, fundamentalism and wars. Though God knows we need all the help we can get with all these man-made problems and more.