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Criminal suspects should not be named until they are charged except if circumstances mean lives could be in danger, new official
As an activity, journalism cannot and should not be licensed by the state or any professional body, any more than art or political protest should.
When you've been untouchable and all powerful and have successfully fought off seven previous government attempts to put an end to press abuse, you don't give your power up lightly. So the announcement that three newspaper groups have "rejected" the Royal Charter, recently agreed by a united House of Commons, is not surprising.
John Whittingdale, the chairman of the Commons culture, media and sport committee, has said the proposals from the newspaper
The newspaper industry today firmly rejected the government's plans for the future of press regulation and published its
As a practicing lawyer frequently representing a cross-section of victims ranging from A-listers to politicians, while at the same time also having a significant number of journalists and publishers on my client list, I often have to change hats when arguing for press freedom on the one hand, and striving to protect the basic reputational and other rights of the ordinary man on the street on the other.
Right, well. You remember the Leveson enquiry (gosh I know, seems like forever ago!) well I wrote to Leveson because I've been really worried for 42 years about Page 3. And these days there's even more stuff like that in the papers isn't there! So actually it was good to get the chance to tell someone in a position to listen.
Liberty's website declares on its home page "Working to PROTECT CIVIL LIBERTIES, and PROMOTE HUMAN RIGHTS for everyone". But does that "everyone" not include journalists?
Sky News should be allowed to be as politically biased as it wants, according to an influential group of peers - a proposal
The royal charter system for the future regulation of the press agreed by David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband is probably