Lewis Carroll

Everyone knows that children's literature can't possibly be high quality, right? It doesn't count as proper literary fiction, does it? It can't make people consider big issues or challenge ideas of genre, can it? This week, the University of Kent's creative writing programme embarrassed itself by its advertising strategy, followed by a series of rather ignorant tweets.
Alice's journey is not played out in a single stage setting. Instead the production weaves its way around the grounds of St Paul's Church before concluding within the beautiful church itself.
Bedtime stories may never be the same again, as Skyfall writer John Logan explores the 'real' Alice in Wonderland and Peter
My path into poetry was strange really, I started out as a teacher and then I became known for my music. I was part of a group called The Scaffold and sang songs like Lily the Pink.
This has been the week that Lewis Carroll, author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, was born in 1832 - meaning he'd be
I have lived with Alice all my life - she was my great-grandmother. She was in the house I grew up in the form books, painting, letters and photographs.