Watching a 4K TV can sometimes feel like you're looking through a window, it really is that clear. With this in mind the
Since we spend endless hours in front of our computer screens, the least we can do is invest in the best possible image quality
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Aesthetically, it's easy to mock the G Watch R if you're comparing it to a refined product like a flagship smartphone, or
Two weeks ago, LG's G Watch R seemed set for a run at the smartwatch world championship title, such as it is. As the fully
Philips: Pansonic: LG: Sony: The annual IFA show in Berlin is a famously sprawling, nightmarishly organised affair. Booths
The IFA tech show at Berlin is usually full of two things: cool smartphones, and boring kitchen gadgets. This year it's also
LG has lifted the lid on its vision for the home of the future, HomeChat. The technology is based on the principle of quite
TVs are one of the hardest tech purchases you can make; they're big, expensive and as such you want them to look good and
LG has unveiled a smart watch for children which allows parents to track their location and call them directly. Even if they
LG has unveiled the G3, its brand new quad HD, Snapdragon 801 smartphone. So how good is it? Well, we already know that it