LG has taken the official wraps off its new flagship smartphone -- the LG G3. The phone has one of the finest displays ever
Despite LG having already more or less leaked their own product, the latest unofficial images of the LG G3 have shown it
We've known for a while that LG's G3 flagship smartphone is on the way. We didn't know it would look this gorgeous. This
The Samsung Galaxy S5 has only been out for a few weeks, and the HTC One M8 just a little bit longer than that. And both
LG has unveiled new details and specs for its first Google-powered smartwatch. The LG G Watch will be one of the first to
Apple was never going to be the first company in the world to release a smartwatch - or even a curved screen wearable. But
This might be the worst and most horrifying mobile phone advert ever made. Just look at it. The company to blame is LG, who
The new LG G Pro 2 is from that class of ridiculously huge phones - 'phablets', in tech speak - which, depending on the size
MWC 2014 -- Europe's largest Spring tech show - has only just kicked off. And several big companies - including Samsung - are
There are already lots of ways to unlock smartphones. You can swipe it, talk to it, put your fingerprints on it or just press