LGBT Business

I am worried that recruiters, policy gurus, senior managers and executives continue to reinforce the binary thinking in the workplace. While celebrities can help with broader social acceptance for trans people, it's the daily reality of finding and being at work for all trans people that still needs to change.
One of the aims of OUTstanding is to not be around in five years. We want things to have progressed so much that an LGBT professional network is a luxury not a necessity. I'm truly proud of the progress we're making and I feel confident we can make this a non issue by the end of this decade, smashing the glass closet in business for good.
It seems that LGBT inclusion does not register as a priority to be communicated for most FTSE 100 companies. Perfunctory mentions of LGBT inclusion, unqualified by specific LGBT-focused inclusive activity, could suggest that many view LGBT diversity as merely a compliance issue, and are failing to pursue greater inclusion as a priority.
Burberry chief executive Christopher Bailey has topped a list of Britain's most inspiring LGBT business executives, as the
As this year's pride season comes to a close it is hard not to have noticed the sheer volume of corporate activity that has been directed at LGBT communities all over the world by brands looking to ingratiate themselves with LGBT consumers.
OUTstanding in Business, a campaign to improve the diversity of British business boardrooms has published the first lever