lgbt youth

“It’s not about winning and losing ... It’s about living life together.”
In light of Weinstein, we need to talk about what care looks and feels like, what respect and consensual sexual experiences entail.  We need to teach about boundaries and why they are positive in helping to develop a sense of self.  We need to cultivate defiance, making clear that while saying no can be awkward and uncomfortable, it can be constructive too.
I am getting pretty tired of having to justify my identity to other people. Against the grain of the tolerant generation
So let me break it down for you: If your child is LGBTQ your child is LGBTQ there is nothing you can do. You can oppress them, make them feel shamed, cause them to hide who they are for some amount of time -- but if you do that, they're probably going to hate you -- if they don't do something worse.
I took a walk the other morning with my partner. The memories of a night celebrating Manchester Pride still a little too strong, and my hangover even stronger - we figured the fresh air would do us good.
Last weekend we took our kids to celebrate Pride, as we do every year. When we told them what we were doing, our son, who is just five, responded with, "why do we always have to do adult things, why can't we do kid things sometimes?''
Things have come a long way. Public attitudes towards LGBTQ people have improved over the last few years and we're slowly seeing better representation of our country's diversity, both in the media and in politics.
Of course, a few Pride marches and events won't resolve all these issues or bring equality overnight. But when anyone, straight or LGBT, takes part in Pride, they send a message that LGBT people clearly - perhaps desperately - need to hear: you don't need to feel shame for who you love.
I can't tell you how many times someone has said to me, 'you don't look like a lesbian', which to me is like saying to someone in plain clothes, 'you don't look like a police officer'. If only there was a uniform we could all decide on so you'd be able to see us coming, we tried dungarees but then they came back in fashion, same with chinos and camouflage
Now excuse me while I go petition Habbo to create a lesbian battle flag. I think we all need one of those in our lives...