When it comes down to the issue of human rights, we are entirely in the hands of the government. So when your government (and prime minister) has such a questionable reputation with regards to human rights as the UK's, those that believe in equality should really think twice before supporting the country's evolution beyond a need for the European Court of Human Rights.
The number of gay teens bullied is on the rise in America as are the number of suicides. This reckless attitude towards the LGBT community by artists is their prerogative, but a public institution really should know better.
Gender, rather lifelessly, has been defined by the FAO as "the relations between men and women, both perceptual and material. Gender is not determined biologically...but constructed socially". The beginning of all studies into gender, then, must also be a study of social relations.
Teach sometimes marriage works, teach sometimes marriage doesn't. Teach sometimes single parents are stable family homes, teach sometimes LGBT couples are stable parents. Replace Religious Studies with Philosophy so that children are not taught pseudo-theology but how to critically think.
We want people in countries like Nigeria to see their fellow LGBT citizens for what they really are - normal Africans who would like nothing more than the freedom to live their own lives, unmolested and unthreatened by the criminal law or the condemnation of the church or state.