1 in 10 young women in the UK identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual, ONS data finds.
"While instances of abuse and prejudice on the app crop up time and time again, so does something else – the crossing of personal boundaries."
"Was Jill flirting with me? Was I flirting with her? I had butterflies every time I thought about her. It is so weird — my first boyfriend’s sister?"
“When I was growing up, I wished there was someone like me in campaigns like this,” says celeb hairstylist, James Johnson, who’s partnered with Ann Summers on a spicy new collection.
"I communicated using Barbie without fully grasping why it was so unthinkable for boys to do so."
Because it’s never too late to start exploring your sexuality.
"I have to admit that some of the joy I used to feel for this project has been replaced by anger."
Our esteemed daddies reveal the secrets to happiness in a world that tries to erase us.
In the three decades since its release, the 1989 Disney classic has grown a following far beyond its intended audience.