The officer is due to appear in court on July 17.
The couple had the baby with the help of a surrogate.
Pop musicians have always commented on social issues – and the newest crop of hit artists are no slouches at protest songs.
Omar’s fears are rooted in the fact that homosexuality is a criminal offence in Morocco, as it is in many other African countries.
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'It is vital that the LGBTQ+ community also reflects and keeps in mind the diversity of the queer community.'
Australian reality TV chef and cookbook author Jordan Bruno was crowned on Saturday night at the climax of Knysna's Pink Loerie Festival.
Men who have sex with men encounter stigma and prejudice when they use health services.
Gender roles are socially constructed and structurally upheld to benefit a muscular man.
When Janelle Monáe says that she is terrified of how people will receive "Dirty Computer", I get it. She's put her heart out there.