Christmas can be an exceptionally lonely and challenging time for anyone who is marginalised or treated unfairly in society.
Eastern Cape identified as the most homophobic province in South Africa.
The video clip shows the woman kissing and embracing another woman at a party.
The video goes from funny to deeply emotional.
An unexpected part of your child coming out is that you'll have to come out too.
Scott Johnson’s murder happened at a time when gay men were being hunted, assaulted and, sometimes, killed.
We need to work on making our schools safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTIQ learners and teachers.
GALA act as a catalyst for the production, preservation and dissemination of knowledge on the history and contemporary experiences of LGBTIQ people.
The theme for this year was Aluta Continua -– a reflection of the ongoing struggles faced by LGBTI communities on a daily basis.
It's the battle of this past weekend's LGBTQ+ parades.