LGBTQ Sexuality

I’ve taken my kids to Pride since before they could walk and talk.
Wazina Zondon is Muslim and queer. Growing up, she often felt at odds with the intersection of her culture and sexual identity. She shares her experience navigating her two identities, and how she eventually came to embrace them both.
Victoria Atkins said she was "cautious" about treatment of young people.
LGBTQ people have been living visibly, openly and authentically for years.
Dan Reynolds tells Ellen DeGeneres the experience helped him “identify, to some degree,” with queer youth.
Darlene Bongle, once an Exodus pastor who preached you "could pray the gay away", is now a married lesbian fighting bogus "conversion therapy".
On “Universal Love,” singers flip pronouns and traditional gender roles.
“I see myself being with a woman,” the pop star said.