Liberal Democrat Conference 2013

Nick Clegg has been accused of a "re-run of the tuition fee scandal" after Lib Dem MPs voted to ensure people could bet as
Nick Clegg had many messages to hammer home at the Liberal Democrat's Conference in Glasgow about what his party had achieved
Margaret Thatcher day would have resulted in "the first bank holiday where people would rather go to work", Nick Clegg said
Nick Clegg has set out his hopes that the Liberal Democrats will cling on to power at the next election, no matter which
The five things you need to know on Wednesday 18 September 2013... 1) 'WE'RE NO ONE'S LITTLE BROTHER' It's Nick Clegg's big
Nick Clegg has unveiled an ambitious £600m plan to give every infant schoolchild in Britain a free school meal. Speaking
Shoppers should be priced out of their cars in city centres and encouraged to use public transport, transport minister Norman
Lib Dems could be forgiven for having a sense of déjà vu when they listen to Danny Alexander's speech to their conference
From this week onwards, a weird annual British tradition begins which involves the UK political establishment dragging itself to grey conference buildings across the country to face near-empty halls, drab bed and breakfasts and wall-to-wall gatherings of party activists - it's a politician's worst nightmare and it all takes place under the glare of the public eye with lobby correspondents hiding in every corner.
While the leader will almost certainly survive into the next parliament it seems likely that his party will suffer significant losses unless the conference in Glasgow can begin develop a distinctive and consistent platform of policies on which to fight the next election.
Senior Liberal Democrat minister Danny Alexander has slapped down Cabinet colleague Vince Cable for suggesting that the coalition
The government has "seen the economy through its darkest hour", Treasury chief secretary Danny Alexander will declare as
High-flying City workers who avoid their taxes laugh at ordinary families who pay their fair share, a Liberal Democrat peer
Ukip is a spent political force. Despite the seemingly endless news carnival of its rise, the bubble has burst. Much like the idiotic, and entirely unreflected in reality, notion of "Cleggmania" - which gave struggling news channels something to fill up a schedule - the fortunes of Ukip's leadership coterie will soon crash to Earth once more.
This morning a huge number of Liberal Democrats called for the Government to implement existing Party housing policy. At the behest of the party leadership, this existing policy was voted down. Not only does this cause the Liberal Democrats a short-term policy difficulty in working out what its housing policy is - a pity as it was a good one - but it hands our political opponents a completely unnecessary political vacuum where Liberals are and the only British party representing Liberals should be.
It's been a tricky start to the Lib Dem conference for Nick Clegg, with Vince Cable being awkward and supporters thinking
Nick Clegg saw off a challenge to his authority over Liberal Democrat economic policy today, as rebel amendments were overwhelmingly
Party conferences are replete with god-awful jokes, from George Osborne's 2011 gags about Ed Balls' poor CV, to Ed Miliband's
Education Secretary Michael Gove is a "misunderstood" character, his Liberal Democrat deputy in government has insisted. Schools
Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander has hit back at his Liberal Democrat Cabinet colleague Vince Cable over claims the Government