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The Liberal Democrats are still not sure how to feel about the 2017 general election. For many, it is ambiguous whether their increased number of seats constitutes a comeback, or whether their failure to make significant electoral gains exposes the party's long-term problems.
Nick Clegg perilously close to losing his parliamentary seat as a new poll indicates that he enjoys a poll lead of just 3
Nick Clegg's bid to woo voters with a distinct Liberal Democrat vision has been awkwardly undermined by a poll suggesting
The Tories and Ukip's "rather ugly noises" about immigrants are putting off Indian students from coming to Britain, Vince
The Lib Dems do not believe that the game is over. Whilst they are obviously worried about what will happen next year, they remain bullish. What we also saw though was leading MPs thinking about what a post-Clegg world might look like.
I feel great sympathy for my old colleague Nick Clegg. Many of us expected a rough ride mid-term, but by now I thought his fortunes would turn as the party matured into government and the tough choices started to reap rewards. With the election looming I was confident that polling would pick up rather than head downwards. So what can he do now?
Nick Clegg's efforts to rally the Liberal Democrat faithful have been awkwardly undermined as a new poll finds the party
Vince Cable has lashed out at the "born to rule arrogance" of the Conservatives in an outspoken attack on his coalition partners
George Osborne's flagship mortgage guarantee scheme "doesn't actually help you buy" as it pushes house prices up and further
Nick Clegg has been accused of a "re-run of the tuition fee scandal" after Lib Dem MPs voted to ensure people could bet as